Almhotel**** Grünsteinblick | Hochbahnstrasse 16, D-83471 Königssee | | 08652-6010050


Our philosophy

We would like to combine the power of our unique environment with the amenities of a young, modern and small chalet hotel.

It's not about bigger, higher, further and often faster for us. No - it is actually about the conscious experience of special moments.

We are convinced that you have to do everything you do very consciously. With God's help.

And we are also convinced that we should enrich each other: With a little smile that we give each other. With our authenticity. With just these special moments or in the form of a good conversation.But maybe just because we are daring to do something new with a slightly different hotel concept.

We have the urge to make the Grünsteinblick a place that is more than just a hotel, more than just a room or a table in a restaurant.

We believe that the Grünsteinblick is a place with its own power and its own aura.Everyone has a reason why they get up every day: an inner drive, their passion. Our reason for getting up every day is that we want to enrich people so that we can offer you a wonderful and unforgettable stay.