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Our team introduces itself

We are all there for you every day to ensure you have a wonderful stay at the Almhotel**** Grünsteinblick.

Each of us puts our heart and soul into making your holiday an unforgettable experience!

“Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is a success.” (Henry Ford)

And that's WE...


Daniele Milizia

Our chef and cook with passion!

Daniele spoils our guests with his wonderful cuisine, always made from fresh ingredients from the region and always conjures up new menus that inspire us all. It is a pleasure to watch him as he incorporates the ingredients and aromas into his dishes, some with an international touch, with ease and attention to detail.

Daniele has not only become our chef but also a friend and advisor over time. Our shared ritual is the daily eleven o'clock break. We use each of these small coffee breaks for great conversations and for collecting new ideas. Nevertheless, it feels like a "short break" together that we really don't want to miss!

Dear Daniele, we love your warmth, your temperament and your passionate nature! A big thank you for being part of our team and enriching our Almhotel Grünsteinblick in a wonderful way!


Anna Kovács

Our restaurant specialist

Anna has been part of the Almhotel****Grünsteinblick team since early 2023. For many years already, has dedicated body and soul to service. She loves and lives her job and has the gift of reading (almost) every wish on the faces of our guests like no other.

She is experienced in the farmhouse parlor and on the garden terrace right through to the sauna village and constantly and discreetly checks that our guests are not missing anything. Nevertheless, she always finds the time for a nice word or a tip for a trip...

Your wine recommendations are an absolute insider tip!

Dear Anna, We have grown fond of you after a short time thanks to your heartfelt way of working, your wonderful manner and your incredibly friendly nature. Thanks for being on our team!


Ruth Lenz

Our breakfast fairy and receptionist

Ruth is the pearl of our house! She whirls in our farmhouse parlor and provides everything your heart desires at breakfast three days a week.

At the reception she also looks after our guests professionally and, above all, so wonderfully individually and authentically. With heart - just as it is usual in the Almhotel**** Grünsteinblick.

As a housekeeper with passion, she also takes care of the smooth running of housekeeping and always has the well-being of our guests in mind. She takes care of every detail, from room cleaning to flower arrangements... She has an open ear for every question and actually has a solution for every problem! She always has a happy smile on her face, which she doesn't lose even in the greatest stress.

Dear Ruth, your job is your passion, you can see that and you can feel it! We love your open and cordial manner and the joyful twinkle in your eyes when you notice that everyone is happy! Thank you for being the good fairy of our house and an indispensable part of our team!


Agata Jakubow

Our employee in housekeeping and wellness

Agata is the chick on our team and has been with us for a year now. With her wonderful nature, she is indispensable! Agata prepares the rooms and suites for our guests every day and ensures that a pleasant stay, a clean, cozy parlor and an inviting wellness area invite you to linger.

With her calm and even-tempered nature, she takes care of our guests' well-being almost "invisibly", whether it's another pillow from our "pillow parade" or an additional blanket for a mild summer evening on the balcony. She is actually the "good spirit" of all of us in the house, because she works when (almost) nobody sees her.

Dear Agata, it's always nice to see when you always have a wonderful smile on your face despite the hard job of a maid! We appreciate you very much and we are happy that you are part of our team!


Vera und Bernhard König


Of course, we are both in action for you every day. Whether at the reception, in service, at the counter or in the hotel garden. If you don't see either of us, we'll do the silent work in the background.

But what would we be without our team? It's only possible together and so we have to say at the end:

"We are so proud of you all!
We simply have the best team ever!"